Anal Deep hard thrusts

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I have a girlfriend for a year who has a daughter. The girl lives outside the country, because she went to study English in the United States, so I did not know her. Last night, my wife prepared a special dinner because her daughter arrived after two years of absence and I was going to introduce myself to her. I knew she was a girl, but I did not know it was a sexy bombshell and she had an ass screaming for a dick. To make matters worse, the girl is a whore. And at night, when everyone was sleeping, we met in the kitchen and then we went into his room to fuck. The girl gave me a blowjob that hurt my cock with pleasure and then I could not take it anymore and I had to push him in the ass with all my strength. She went out of her way and asked me to fuck her like a bitch in heat, I had to cover her mouth with my hand because I was going to wake her mother because she was moaning so hard.


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