Hard Fuck in a Club Toilet

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I went to the men’s high school toilet to pee and when I went out, there was one of my students waiting outside with the door closed. I immediately knew that it was wrong and that something very bad could happen if we were caught. I imagined that this girl was going to ask me for a better grade on the exam, but the truth is that she is very smart and applied and has passed the course. I was surprised when the student told me that she did not want to have anything to do with the class, she just wanted to try my dick because she had spent the whole week jerking off and dreaming about me. I had no choice but to let me eat my dick for this blonde, but I brought her home obviously to take no risk. This is where I buried my penis in her schoolgirl pussy. I filled her mouth with my cum and I think the uniform did it too, but she did not care. She left very satisfied.


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