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I’m his girlfriend over a year ago. My boyfriend is a very good person, very good takes care of me and gives me all tastes. We are not living together, but we intend to do so soon. But he has a flaw that might be a virtue, but it bothers me a little bit: he’s very sexual. One could almost say that in case he is like a disease, because there is not a day when he does not want to have sex. It doesn’t matter if he’s sick, or if I’m sick, or if the two are tired, or if we’re on a trip or I’m indisposed or nothing. And their expectations are very high, it seems that will not be satisfied and love to cuddle, but he wants more. It was first oral sex, asked me to suck his dick for a long, long time. Then he started asking me for anal sex, and how I had to accept it almost until I fooled myself with another woman and blamed myself for not giving him the pleasure he needed. I don’t know what he’s gonna ask me after that.

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Added on: October 3, 2019

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