Homemade fuck beautifull

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My daughter is a very sexy girl. Every now and then I fuck her in secret because she’s a very whore and wants to give me a blowjob. She has many friends who are beautiful and very whores too, especially her best friend. A beautiful, sexy Japanese woman with divine tits, an apple ass and a mouth that, I imagine, does wonders. Yesterday, she came to our house, she had dinner and every time she flirted with me. I’m a man of flesh and blood, so I couldn’t resist and I walked into my daughter’s room and she gave me a really good blowjob and I kicked her daughter’s ass. My dick is hard right now because I remember all the fun she made me experience there. It’s inevitable. I remember the way I put my dick in his mouth, like I put a sweet and delicious milk caramel in it.


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