I fucked my rich girlfriend for money


My girlfriend and I are not a couple who films while we make love. But since a few weeks, I want to experiment new things in sex, but my girlfriend refuses to make love in front of a camera. I took advantage of the fact that my girlfriend owed me a favor and asked her to make love in front of a camera while she sucked on my cock and I sucked her pussy. Usually my girlfriend is very good in bed, but when I put the camera on her, I think she became another very whore woman. She behaved like a porn star and moaned like a little bitch in heat. It drove me crazy and I pushed my dick in her ass while she screamed. I do not know who this woman is or what she did with my wife but I hope she will not change and that from now on she will always fuck like that.

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Added on: July 30, 2019

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