I fucked my wife in the office


My wife hired a Latin American Girl. The girl knocked on our door and told us she had nothing to eat and nowhere to go. She asked us for help and told us that in return, she could take care of our babies and clean up. My wife was moved and hired. We don’t have the money to pay him, but we give him shelter and food. We don’t have any children either, so this job doesn’t have any. So that she could pay for everything she eats, I decided that I would make her pay in a special way. Every morning, after my wife left, the girl gives me a blowjob to my dick that leaves me dry without milk. I always fill her face with my sperm and she adores it because it keeps her skin very healthy. I love fucking that Latina, she has an energy that reminds me of my youth years. I hope my wife never notices what I’m doing to the girl.

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Added on: September 2, 2019

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