My boyfriend leaves me alone and I fuck grandpa


My boyfriend took me to his father’s shop. A very nice bar with a very classic atmosphere and that really made me delighted. I think the decor is amazing, and the house is right next door and you can go from one place to another by some sort of secret passage. However, my stupid boyfriend forgot he had business to settle and left me there. He told me not to leave the father-in-law alone and wait with him. That’s what I did. At first, my father-in-law was very excited showing the bar, then the house, we went into his room and I started to feel excited. I thought my stepfather was a very kind, responsible and orderly man, which made me excited. I let my stepfather touch my breasts and my pussy, and I thought it would end up being good sex. I thought my father-in-law was too old for that, but no, he’s fucking me better than his son.

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Added on: July 30, 2019

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