my friend milf’s mother at the hotel


She’s the mother of my best friend. She asked her son to pick her up at the airport, but my friend couldn’t go because of his college education and asked me for a favor. I was thrilled, because what he doesn’t know is that his mother and I have sex from time to time. Yes, I know many of you will say that I shouldn’t do it, because friends are untouchable. But this woman knows how to blowjob, is also very extrovert and naughty and likes to fuck in very weird places. She likes to make porn videos with me, but her son doesn’t know. He doesn’t know I snatched his mother. I love that she gets fucked like a whore and likes to do whatever I say. In this video, we’re acting, and I’m asking you a few questions. It’s something I like to be happy about.

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Added on: October 8, 2019

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