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Last year, we went on vacation with my girlfriend at her sister. She lives with her 20 year old daughter, who was with an amei. Since I was younger than my girlfriend, my age is intermediate between girls and sisters, so quickly managed to get friendship with everyone. When my girlfriend wanted to talk to her sister alone for a while, I go with the girls to the beach or for a walk. One day, the three adults went to spend the day away and they were alone in the House. I went back a little bit earlier, and I find naked girls filming this video. I walked quietly and watched. For a while, they didn’t notice my presence , they were touching, kissing,waiting for them to finish the video . They thought I was gonna say something, but I started kissing their bodies and we had sex the three of us together. . My friend never learned, but after we parted, I was seeing her niece and her friend a lot of times.


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