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My brother-in-law got his car in the garage. The guy told him a month ago that the car would be ready and he did not always finish fixing it. My brother-in-law was already a little impatient, it’s disrespectful that the mechanic had a month with the car and could not do anything. The last time my brother-in-law went to get the car, there was the garage owner’s wife. And from what the video shows, she became very excited and very slutty when they arrived home. She started provoking my brother-in-law and undressing. She let him touch her breasts and suck them. She gave him a very good blowjob that made my brother-in-law’s cock a stone. After they made the position of 69, he ate his wet pussy and continued to suck his dick. My brother-in-law squeezed his dick in her ass and made her scream like a little bitch. He told me it was one of the best pipes he has ever received.

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Added on: July 9, 2019

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