Asian schoolgirl public anal

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I met the most extroverted woman in the world. I met her on a social network and we said we would meet in a public place to get to know each other. We met in a cafe but she told me she wanted to go to other places to suck my dick. Yes, exactly as you read. I was stunned, but she clearly repeated her wishes. At that moment, I got up quickly and went to a park with very little traffic, in this park, she let me touch and caress her ass and then gave me a great blowjob, I was about to fill his face with milk because I was about to cum. Then we went to a friend’s apartment and there we finished what we had started, obviously my friend did not want to stay out of the game and also asked the girl for a blowjob. This girl is super extroverted and she has no prejudices. Another time, I’m sure she will let me fuck her in public.


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