asians have fun

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Two months ago, my boyfriend left me and I have been alone ever since. I refused to accept invitations from the guys who asked me to go out with them, I did not want to know more about boyfriends or men, I do not want to know anything about them. I feel betrayed and hurt. However, my friends tell me that it will happen in a few months and that I will soon find the love of my life. It’s just lies, but my body is already demanding sexual activity. So not to sleep with an idiot, I decided to fuck my brother. I was sure he would not resist or tell me no, and I was not wrong. We were really excited and I let myself eat my pussy. My brother, I have to admit, has a delicious dick and I let him fuck me in the ass. I think I screamed a lot, but in truth, I loved his dick. He’s my brother, but I think his dick should be mine alone.


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