Hardcore teen lesbians

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A mature man decides to register by going to the hairdresser who will cut his hair. He is a strong man, nice, well endowed. The hairdresser is actually her friend. He arrives at the young hairdresser’s house and they go to the garden. She is nervous because she finds him very attractive, and he finds her just beautiful and very sexy. Before cutting her hair, she offers to cut the hair of his penis and he accepts. The woman realizes that the man has the hard cock, so she strokes and touches. His mouth wants cock in it, she wants to suck a lot. Finally, the man offers to fuck her and they decide to go inside to have an unforgettable orgasm. She gives him a blowjob and he sucks her pussy too. He fucks her and puts his hard cock on him again and again. He decides that she will always be her hairdresser.


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