Kendra Lust fucks her son’s buddy

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We all know Kendra Lust is a beautiful woman. If she stands in front of you and asks you to lick your dick, no matter how much you love your wife or appreciate your friend, it’s impossible to say no. Who would want to miss the opportunity to fuck a woman like that ‘ that’s exactly what happened to Kendra’s son’s friend, because even though he likes his friend very much, his mother is sexy. And he couldn’t refuse Kendra Lust’s petitions and boobs. She’s a whore who likes to fuck, so it doesn’t matter if she has to hide, but if a guy likes her, she goes after him. Her son’s friend liked him and now she just wants to feel his big dick in her pussy. The only thing she has in mind is the hot milk that will run down her legs after making the young man reach orgasm.


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