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I went to my uncles for a coffee and when I got home, I discovered that my aunt was out of the country and my two cousins ​​were not in the house that day, but I did not did not know, so there was only my uncle in the house. I sat down with my uncle for coffee and felt very comfortable. I thought it would be embarrassing, but my uncle has a lot of fun. Between one thing and another, we ended up talking very closely and suddenly I found myself rubbing my foot under the table against his penis. I think my uncle was very hot, his cock hardened in seconds. He took me to his room and told me that he would teach me not to play with adults. He pushed his cock in my ass and in my pussy very hard, he hit me with all his might, without any mercy. I wanted to scream for pleasure. My uncle has an exquisite cock and knows very well fuck. Fortunately for my aunt.

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Added on: July 8, 2019

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