Nymphomaniac My step-aunt


My girlfriend and I invited friends to the house for the weekend. We spent about two hours at home drinking a few beers and playing pool. After the departure of my friends, I continued to drink beer and to play billiards and my girlfriend was furious because, according to her, I had abandoned her. She was angry because I had not fucked since last night and it was already six o’clock in the afternoon and I had not yet pushed my cock. I had no choice but to stop playing and kiss it on the pool table. I put my hard cock in her mouth and then in her ass so she learns to shut up and learn that I fuck her whenever I want. I must admit I was very excited when she asked me, almost begged, to kiss her, but it’s important that she knows that I am the boss and that we fuck whenever I want. Besides, I fuck her every day, all the time. Nymphomaniac!

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Added on: July 21, 2019

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