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I have some problems with women. Whenever I find some to have sex, it’s the same thing. I only ask to suck my cock, I’m not interested in taking her pussy or ass, that his mouth. And I have hundreds of videos like this, I use them to masturbate when I’m alone. He is always the same, at the beginning, I put my cock in the mouth and all they accept. After a while, they wait to undress, touch and show me her wet pussy, but I throw them to the tail in the mouth. They do not look so happy … can I go to the bathroom and have my orgasm there, even I do not do it in his mouth. And then I get dressed and I come back to tell them to go, and it explodes the problem. But I like sex so I do not need anything more.

Actors: Danika Mori
Category: Amateur
Added on: June 27, 2019

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