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My best friend and I are planning a trip with her father and grandfather. They invited us to spend a weekend in a country house, where there was a spectacular pool and a great view, from the pictures I saw. We wanted to enjoy the good weather that would make these days. Unfortunately, my friend became ill the day we left. And at first, I thought of postponing the march, but then I thought that this opportunity would not happen again, so I went with my friend’s father and grandfather, alone. What is unusual in this walk is that in the middle of the road, I was a little excited and I started to touch my pussy discreetly, but I think they noticed it. So they stopped the car and right there on the road, I started to suck their dick. I did not know that my friend’s father had such a delicious dick, I wanted to put everything in my mouth and never take it off. They both gave me a hard time for my sweet pussy.

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Added on: August 3, 2019

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