White German ass finger

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This woman is an old friend of my aunt and I met her a few months ago. Since our first meeting, I knew from her eyes that she wanted something from me. I imagined what she had in mind but I did not want to go all the way because my aunt is a very conservative woman and did not want to have any problems with her. One afternoon, I went to meet this woman to bring her a message from my aunt and we walked in the city center for a while and she invited me to have a coffee at her house. We talked about many things and one thing led to another. When she told me that she was tired of not enjoying life and that she wanted to make love like crazy, my cock became hard as a rock. She stroked my leg and started to touch my cock. I could tell that a blowjob was imminent and she did not even expect me to have it too thick, she started eating everything at once.


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